I'm trying to get back into the habit of blogging regularly. It seems lately that I only blog when I have a new kit out. I started this blog with a far more noble intention in mind than that! Sheesh.

But I run out of ideas to write everyday, especially when the only time I can blog is when I get home from work. And during that time of the day, I'm already tired and my mind already drained from the writing I have to do at work.

But there are nights when I get chatty, like now. But that happens rarely. So I'll start the Random Tidbits category, for those nights when I just want to keep it short and clipped so I can go hit the sack right away.

Today's random tidbits:
  • Had a blast at the SBG chat this morning (9:30 am my time GMT+8) which I sponsored. The girls were a hoot. Tried to give away my 4 office cats to the chat winners but they all turned it down. Poor kitties. Nobody wants them.
  • Woke up to more newsletter subscribers this morning, totalling to 30. The 30th being my Dad.
  • Aircon got busted at work earlier today. It was freaking hot. Who wants to work when you're busy fanning yourself? 
  • I really need to take care of myself more. 
  • This blog is set for a makeover courtesy of the html wonderwoman Anne Quade. Totally excited, but still fretting over the header. Mojo running low.
  • I still love my hair.

Friendly reminders:

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Pom says:
at: December 19, 2010 at 1:21 PM said...

Doodellelandia? LOL! Love it, Rach!!!
Great blog header too!!!