What a crappy hump day for me today. I'm coming down with a flu - aching muscles, a little feverish. But I can't afford to go on sick leave from work this week, what with media briefings and out-of-town forums scheduled back to back till Friday. Plus I'm so looking forward to watching Master Class (Maria Callas to be played by the amazing Filipina actress Cherie Gil) this weekend with my best friend. No, this definitely isn't the time to get sick. Sniff.

Got a couple of pics to share with you guys. This is what we call Budol Fight:

I recently covered a groundbreaking ceremony for a resettlement area up in the mountains, near the local geothermal plant located in the next town. After the ceremony, all guests had a "Budol Fight" for lunch. It's a Filipino military tradition wherein soldiers share the food that's been laden on pieces of banana leaves spread out on a long table. This tradition has crossed over to any Filipino function that celebrates camaraderie wherein guests all eat the same food with their hands.. Yes, you eat the food with your hands.

Usually the food consists of rice with fried fish, pork or chicken, adobo, pancit (dry noodles) and an assortment of fruits. I've been to three budol fights so far, and sorry to say, but I have never enjoyed any of them. I do get what the ceremony means and I appreciate the concept of sharing behind it, but oh my word, I just can't stomach the thought of eating food touched by other people, know what I mean? The food looks yummy when the "fight" hasn't started yet, lined up neatly and colorfully on banana leaves. But when people start digging in, uhmm...yuck? No matter how many budol fights I'll go to, I don't think I'll ever learn to enjoy it, sorry.

But it is quite an experience, and I think all Filipinos should be able to experience it, no matter if they find it enjoyable or not. In fact, even foreigners (such as visiting American soldiers during military exercises) are treated to budol fights during their stay and they seem to enjoy it, like this one here.

So should any of you, my blog readers, decide to pass by the Philippines and give me a visit, let me know in advance so I can prepare a budol fight for you. *wink*

Also, the giveaway for my next kit is still ongoing at MScraps forum here.

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