There's so much to blog about that I don't know where to start! :-)

Ok, so first of all, I have a travel-themed kit at MScraps called Travelogue. This is quite different from the other kits I've made. I guess it's because I'm starting to move a bit further from my comfort zone in terms of designing style.

Travelogue is filled with elements that you can use to scrap your journeys, whether it be a far-away destination or every day's little experiences that matter a lot.

This kit contains 7 patterned papers and 6 solid paper, with more than 30 very cute (and useful) elements.

You can buy the whole kit, or the Travelogue Element Pack only.

It is at 20% off until Wednesday (because once again, I'm a little late in promoting this kit!).

Here are some layouts from the MScraps CT:

Now, from my spectacularly talented CT:

 From Tammy who with Shelby totally look glam with their shades:

From SassyIndy, whose nephew is just downright adorable! Visit her blog to download a free QP of this super cute layout as well as a fantastic QP of my Creative Soul kit as well (I adore that QP! You gotta check it out) :

From Pom, and this layout just made it to GSO! Congratulations, Pom! 
I'm super happy as well because it's the first time that someone was 'fingerpointed' at GSO using one of my kits. I'm still pinching myself actually! :-) Not only that, Pom also made a free QP out of this beautiful page, available at her blog.

Second, I've posted the winner of the Travelogue giveaway over at MScraps. So if you signed up for that, you better go check out the thread at the forum. :-)

Third, I've just noticed that I haven't been giving out freebies lately. How remiss of me! I know most of you are looking forward to it. I actually thought about it when I received quite a number of unsubscription notices from Feedburner these past few days. I'm assuming the lack of freebies lately might have been the reason behind it, plus the obvious fact that I've been slacking off with posting on this blog, too. That's the downside of having a job that takes up most of your time!

I'll work double time on changing all that starting next week. A special day for me is coming up and I'll be giving away, well, something (that's all I can say for now) for my blog followers and subscribers. So please do watch out for it :-)

A big change will likewise take place next month for me design-wise. There will also be a freebie (and lots of sales) involved in it. Much as I'm bursting to spill (I'm not too good with surprises) I really must keep a lid on it for now. :-)

What else? I think that's all for now. And oh, I'm on Facebook, are we friends there yet? If not, please add me up! This is me---

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Rebecca says:
at: August 22, 2010 at 8:03 PM said...

This is gorgeous honey!! I'm proud of you for trying new things with your designs!! I'm sorry you've had so many unsubscriptions! That stinks!

I can't wait to hear your big news!!!! (((hugs)))

RachNess says:
at: August 22, 2010 at 8:39 PM said...

Thank you Rebecca! It does stink, doesn't it? But I only have me to blame for that lol.

I can't wait to share the news too! LOL

Tammy and Shelby says:
at: August 22, 2010 at 11:29 PM said...

I agree with Rebecca - it stinks. I have had a drop too cause I quit doing monthly kits (I do samplers, qpages now)..but oh well..I have my faithful....

Anyway, I love your designs and kits and can' wait to hear the big news....and I know part of it but not the rest...


We do rock the shades huh? LOL.

Simply Sarah says:
at: August 23, 2010 at 1:37 AM said...

I haven't been leaving comments as much but still read your blog when you post! Going back to work sure does take up alot of time. LOL. I love this new kit. Actually, I am loving all your new kits. But I do miss your doodles!!

Giving out freebies shouldnt be why people stop by a blog and if thats the only reason, then its not that big of a loss, ya know. I love the funny and serious things you talk about and the honesty I read thru your words.

Keep up the great work!

BTW... love the style on your construction zone pieces? Did you make it?

RachNess says:
at: August 23, 2010 at 10:33 AM said...

@Tammy- actually, what you know already is the big news lol. Only there's a slight change. Will email you girls later.

@ Sarah- Thank you sweetie! I'll still try to update the blog more often,though. I got lots of pics to post but just don't have the time. When I do have time, I'm mostly tired and just want to sleep! hehe

Oh yes those construction pieces are 100% made by me. I'll whip it up into a freebie later on. A CU freebie, layered templates. :-)

Carissa says:
at: August 24, 2010 at 2:53 AM said...

Cute new kit! I didn't know you had an email subscription. Sign me up! :) Way cute construction doodles too. You're such a talented lady!