Yes, we are. Chris and I are expecting to see froglets hopping around the tank in Chris's place pretty soon!

I was supposed to write about scrap-related stuff for this post, but when I got the good news, I just couldn't help it. I'm almost bursting with excitement! You see, we had 2 frogs die on us already, the latest being an infant colon pumilio - just a day after Kayo, the new frog on the block, arrived. So this news of an egg-sighting is really something.

We got Kayo because Dilag - who was Hanzo's original mate - died from a sickness sometime in March. Hanzo was left mateless and Chris soon found Kayo who we were desperately hoping would be a perfect match for Hanzo. When Chris placed Kayo in the tank for the first time, Hanzo didn't waste any time in calling. He was practically bursting out of his lungs upon the sight of a female in the tank! (He didn't see her at first, but Chris thinks frogs sense each other's presence).

Now, the odds are kinda against us here- it seems like breeding uyama pumilios is like trying to coax a scared turtle out of its shell. Time will tell though if luck is on our side, well beginner's luck that is, as this Hanzo's and Kayo's first try at breeding.


Note to Janette: Yup! Feeling a lot better now :-)

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at: May 28, 2009 at 10:50 AM said...

Hi Rach,

Glad you are feeling better. Congratulations on the baby froggies. :)