It's late here right now and I just got back from an out-of-town assignment made tiring by traffic worsened by the seemingly endless ongoing road rehabilitation projects in the nearby towns.

Before I file my news for the day (or night already), I have to post here  first to say THANK YOU to all of you who croaked in here and sent me an email. I was totally speechless, touched and moved by the generosity of your hearts. Like the Bible said, out of the mouth, the heart speaks, and may I add, the hand writes! The comments you all left, and emailed to me, are simply, in a word - humbling.

How does one convey gratitude in cyberworld? A simple *hugs* or *muah* or even writing "thank you" does not seem enough to spell out how really, really grateful I am for your warm thoughts and prayers for my Dad and appreciation for my art.

I would, however, like to apologize if I sounded needy in yesterday's post. I do not wish for people - you- who are subscribing and following my blog to feel obligated to "croak" or leave me comments here each and every post. Please, just seeing the stats on my sidebar - no matter how "cold" and "detached" the numbers can be - is enough to tell me I must be doing something right here.

In fact, I feel guilty for I have asked you guys to speak up here, when I have not made my presence felt when I visited the blogs of people who are following Doodelle. Well some of the blogs as some opt to remain anonymous for reasons that I respect. Like I said, seeing you following or subscribing, that's already a lot for me! With this in mind, for those following my blog, expect to hear from me when I blog hop this weekend!

The reason though why I crave interaction here is because in my line of work, people are important. There's no news if not for people, and the best stories I have written are about ordinary people who try in their own little way to make big changes in other people's lives, and the small people who just thrive day in and day out. Which is why I'm naturally curious and craving to know the lives behind the icons and the numbers on my blog stats :-) So please feel free to drop me an email and let me know who you are. Yes, you!

I'd like to end this blog post by responding directly to all your comments:

@Joy (Solano): Thank you! I'll drop by your blog this weekend :-)

@ Legacy Leaver: I love your concept of focusing on the end result. That's really positive thinking and I will definitely apply that from now on. Already thinking of a post-surgery gift for my Dad (should be something crafty too!)

@ CreativeBusyHands-Scrapbook Freebies Search: I know your comment is auto-generated, but still thank you to the Mom behind this wonderful site that's been driving people over here :-)

@ Pat Anzanello: Thank you too!

@ my lovely cyberfriend admin/Jan: Hi Jan! Thank you so much for the positive thoughts! (Did you get my email??)

@ Pattycakes: You're welcome! I love sharing them with you :-)

@S: Salamat!! I do hope it would be successful too. (Ok, it will be successful!) :-) Ok you got me so intrigued by your one-letter-nick :-p Sandra? Sally? Susan? :-)

@ yoko: Thank you so much for sending that email Lora! Finally I got to know who you are! I'll send you an email soon as I'm done filing my news. But let me tell you here - thank you!!! (So yoko is not your name, but a kitty's! Adorable!)

Ok, I hope I haven't missed out anyone?? If I have, I give you permission to bash me on the head with a soft pillow, of course :-p

Rachness checking out now to file stories....sigh...

PS- I really gotta change the timezone settings for my blog. It says there that I posted this at 7 something a.m. when it's already 10:30 pm.  How I wish it was 7 in the morning already (coz that would mean I have already had a good night's sleep...)

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