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Who wouldn't want to be framed, especially in frames that look this good? 
Make them glow, make them glitter, make them glossy, turn them into paper. 
The versatility is endless, limited only by your imagination!

What's Inside?
This is a pack of 6 colored, layered, Photoshop template files. Each shape is in its own layer so it's easy for you to customize and apply styles or textures onto each of them. Each frame comes with a backing and a photo mat for you to clip photos and papers.

Please take note that the layers are made of plain shapes. 
No style or texture has been applied to them. 

Would you like to give this baby out for a test drive?  I'm giving away a freebie of 1 layered .psd Framed! template that you can play around with. Note: This freebie is not included in the Framed! template pack sold at my SBG shop :-)

But first, just for fun, this freebie is password-protected. :-) You will have to guess the password if you want to get your hands on this freebie! But I promise it's very, very easy. 

PASSWORD CLUE: What do you put inside a frame? English word. 7 letters. small letters. :-))

Download this freebie here

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Simply Sarah says:
at: November 27, 2010 at 2:36 PM said...

these are pretty nice looking frames! Plan on doing any fancy smancy ones?