Before that, thank you ladies for participating in my giveaway! I very much enjoyed reading through your responses. Everyone answered either husband or children or both. I was waiting for someone to say chocolates, their pet cat or dog or pet king cobra lol.

Anyway here's our winner for this giveaway:

Congratulations Madeleine! You won a free copy of Affections Mini-Kit! Send me an email (addy on the sidebar) letting me know which is your store of choice (either SBG or MScraps).

For everyone else, here's a coupon code for the first 5 users  to get an additional 20% off from the already discounted price of Affections Mini Kit over at SBG and MScraps (coupon works in both stores):  


Coupon is good for the first 5 uses and expires on Nov. 17. So hurry and use the code now!

Before I end this post, here's a little bit of wonderful that I'd like to share with you, a project that I have been so fortunate enough to be part of:

The season of giving, gratitude and joy upon us. It is also often a very busy and hectic time of the year, creating a challenge for those of us with lengthy To-Do lists. However, no matter how busy we all get, it really is important to remember that when it comes to charity, Every Little Bit Counts.

To demonstrate this simple truth, a call went out across the digital community to designers everywhere inviting them each to contribute only one element to a charity collaboration for the Sick Kids Foundation.

The end result is an eclectic collection of unique elements, ranging from classic to quirky and everything in between.

The Every Little Bit Counts collection will only be available until the last week of December. 100% of the profits will then be donated to the Sick Kids Hospital Foundation.

Find out how you can receive this very special collection for only $5 and let your little bit count towards this very worthy cause.

I hope you'll be a part of this wonderful cause by giving your share. For only 5$, you get a vintage print tray that you can fill with one-of-a-kind quirky elements! I'd like to thank Maya, SBG's owner, for coming up with this out-of-the-box charity project idea and for putting the call out there for the rest of the designers to give their one little bit for a worthy cause.

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Miss Renee says:
at: November 16, 2010 at 1:19 AM said...

Hello dearest :)

Thank you for the mention on the blog, I just seen it now and got a warm fuzzy...awww.

Ah your lips are sealed about your studio, I know how it is. I am going to give you a comment for your comment to me and it is about - comments.

Ok, well I just love this post how you announced the winner (the doodle of the name AND a little clipout - love the details) I saw the beautiful mini (feminine/romantic designs really suits you too!)and was suprised to see only six people "croaked" to win it. Herein is my precious tip to you - change your comments code to actually say "comments or something cute' and put them bloody where everyone can find em - at the end darling of your post - it's the done thing ok? Because even I spend a little time re-remembering where to click, and I am a very um, web savvy person, I can imagine others would just give up, or worse feel a bit horrible - not the idea at all when doing comment giveaways. Your pageviews are fine, and your freebie downloads are high, so traffic can only get better, from more customer interaction.

I know your making everything just so nice and it really does look MINT so I think you should fix this little thing, make your stamp on it, but also make your website user friendly - very important.

Love as always,
Miss Renee