...to the ladies who responded to my call for Creative Souls! Thank you! I'll be sending each one of you an acknowledgment email, just to let you know that I have received your application.

Sorry if I'm doing this so late! My laptop crashed a couple of days ago :-( My OS was Win XP, and to fix whatever was wrong with my laptop, the tech had to wipe out my XP and replace it with Vista, which I totally am not fond of right now.I don't find Vista as user-friendly as XP, and navigating through my files is such a hassle. Bleh!

Plus I had to install almost everything all over again - Photoshop, Corel Draw, ftp program, Art Rage, Painter, anti-virus, the fonts that I installed before. Major pain.

Anyway, like I said, for all those who applied to my call, you should see an email from me in your Inbox by now. Just a little note saying thank you and that I have received your application. Me and my three other creative soulmates - Pom, Tammy, and Indy - are already sifting through your galleries and looking over your blogs, etc to see whose style will best suit my kits.

The process might take some time mainly because I'm smack in the middle of the busiest 2 weeks in my job! So please bear with me :-) Hopefully in a couple of days I'll have the new creative soulmates announced:-)

Oh by the way, did you see that new shiny sparkly Facebook Like thingie on my sidebar? I made a page! Took me hours to figure out how to set that widgety-gadgety thing in there, with a lil' help from my fellow designers over at MScraps. It needs more "likes" though (*hint!*)

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