I was about to do the whole "in real life" raffle shebang (I've actaually written down all the names on a piece of paper, cut it up to 17 pieces) then when I was about to take the pictures, I got the dreaded "NO CF CARD" flash on my camera's screen. Crap. What's really bugging me also is that this has happened to me already earlier this week. In fact, I even posted about it on my Facebook (personal account).

I was about to take a picture of the vice mayor during an interview when the same thing happened, I left my CF card back in the office. But seeing how everyone who were standing around our group of reporters huddled around the vice mayor, stepped back a little and were waiting for my camera's flash to go off, I had no choice but to press the shutter button anyway. I had to pretend, otherwise I would have looked like a fool. Oh how embarrassing it was! I was dreading that someone would ask to see the photos on my camera, then I would have no choice but to admit my faux pas. And to think the camera I brought was a DSLR.

They say lightning doesn't strike the same place twice obviously doesn't  apply to me.

So anyway, I had to turn to good ol' Random Generator for this raffle draw (which I really hate to use because there's no personal touch to it). The winner is:

Chef to be Cleo (there's a nice ring to that username!) please send me an email (addie is on this blog's sidebar) so I can send you the details on how you can download your copy of Camp Giggle for free!

Thank you ladies for participating and for leaving the nicest comments! They are like a sweet siren song to my ears (huh? lol). Please watch out for my next giveaway and I hope you won't tire of participating. :-)

Speaking of nice comments, I'd like to respond to them here now!

To MacFanDee, Tracy, May, Michelle, Djhs, LibbyWilko and Dana- Thank you! I adore this kit as well. It was really fun drawing out the elements for Camp Giggle, especially the shiny worms. They gave me a hard time, though, as they kept crawling around my screen, refusing to stay put! ;-)

To Miss Renee, thank you! I really am still the same girl who loves to doodle despite the swishyness (I like the sound of that, like my old designer name Rachness) of the blog, name and store. (What does swish actually mean? I'm assuming it means fantabulously, out-of-this-world amazing *grin*). First of all, I rarely go to parties and when I do, it usually ends up in an "eat and run" scenario. It's a running joke among my journalist friends here. While we're in the middle of a party, just when we're about to really enjoy ourselves, our cellphones would beep with a text message of something important happening somewhere and then we run off to chase a story. So, we eat and then we run.

But anyway, I digress. When someone asks me what I do for a living, I usually say I'm an underpaid writer. I say writer, because there are some people, especially politicians and they're equally notorious cousins (drug lords, illegal gambling operators, etc) who are violently allergic to journalists. I do not wish to see someone have a heart attack after being introduced to me! But you have given me an idea there, although I'm not too sure about the "best darn doodles around" part. I'm afraid I'll have to practice saying that with a straight face! (haha).

Oh I get heart palpitations, too, alright. Especially when I'm struck by an idea of what I think would be the best darn doodle this industry would ever see. But when I start drawing it, the palpitations start to rush to my brain, causing me a pounding headache because what I draw just isn't what I had in mind! You know those times when you have a project in mind but once you start working on it, the end result just isn't how you pictured it to be? That is just too bloody frustrating!

Oh you know what else gives me heart palpitations? Bradley Cooper. Sigh.

As for the tutorials, I promise I'll be posting more soon. I just need to convince my creative mojo to stick with me permanently coz it keeps wandering off. Another sigh.

Now to Barbara, I am also loving the layouts that my team (Indy, Tammy and Pom) as well as the MScraps CT did for this kit. Actually, they make my kit look much, much better. Oh, trust me, the kit is already good (ahem hehe), but the CT girls just brought it to another level!

To Kandice, I was at first apprehensive with this color palette. I'm not too good with red, you see! Red is not one of my favorite colors and I've always stayed away from it if possible, but face your fear right?

To Rebecca- thank you sweetie! I love that you continue to hang around here! :-)

To MichelleM- for those QPs, I'd like to thank my CT girls. They are just amazingly generous to be giving away QPs of their pages, although I never require them to. Please do leave them some love in their blogs when you've picked up their QPs.

To Amy- thank you! I LOVE textures. I can never get enough of them!

I hope I haven't left anyone out! If you're wondering, it's Sunday evening here today and for some reason my internet connection here at the house is behaving so wonderfully (no dropped or "crawling" connections). So I was able to type out what now have become quite a long post. If you've reached this far, I salute you! :-)

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Pom says:
at: October 5, 2010 at 3:33 AM said...

Love it when you write a long post, Rach. And thank you so much for such glowing compliments for us loyal CT. LOL! You made me blush!!!!

Congrats to Cleo!! You will LOVE this kit just like I do! :)