I have been sick with the flu for a few days now, so it took some time to respond to the emails. I went through a backlog of emails before writing this post and I hope I responded to everyone, especially those who chose the Scissors goodie bag. I am firmly crossing my fingers that this time the links are working.

I wonder, if I get my own domain, will that also come with your own FTP storage? If it does, it will only bolster my decision to get my own domain. I'm sick of using 3rd party file sharing sites!

After this post, I'm crawling back to bed to sleep off this darn flu. My head feels like it's stuffed with cotton while my nose makes a weird sound everytime I try to breathe through it. I haven't been to work since Thursday afternoon last week. 

It seems the older I get, the longer it takes for minor ailments to heal. Another reason why youth is wasted on the young. 


I have a new Limited Edition doodle pack for commercial use up at STS. "Say It Journal Mats" is a pack containing 14 files total- 8 greyscale, layered (.psd) Photoshop files with 8 corresponding .png linearts.

Above are the .png linearts and below are the greyscale, layered Photoshop files. 

A closer look below (you just gotta love the smooth edges that can only come from vector-drawn images):

Some samples of what you can do with this pack:

This is commercial use for both digital and hybrid designs. You can see more of my TOU in the product page - and purchase your own copy of this limited set- HERE.

This pack, being a Limited Edition, is available for 10 purchases only.That means, there will be only 10 people out there who can use this set in their designs.

Well, ok, 11 people- because I'm doing a RAK for one lucky designer for this pack. If you like this, and would like to get it for free, then this is what you need to do for a chance to be RAK'd (open for people with blogs/websites only) :

1- Promote this pack on your blog/website. Just copy+paste the images from this blog post, save it on your drive, and post them in your own blogs. Then in that same post in your blog, link the image or a "buy here" phrase link to this link in the store:

2- Come back here and post your permalink in Mister Linky below. (Read more HERE about what permalink is). Remember, post the specific blog post address in the link, not your blog address. Permalinks are longer than your blog address.

3- Feel free to post a link back to my blog in your blog post, but not necessary.

4- I will leave the lines open for 3 days. After 3 days (GMT +8) I will close Mister Linky and raffle off one winner for this RAK.

Just a PS- Please follow the instructions stated above in order to be qualified for this RAK. Otherwise, I will remove your link. Thank you!

1. pom
2. Lisa
3. Christina
4. iNg
5. Chris

*****RAK closed! Thank you Pom, Lisa, Christina, iNg, and Chris! I will announce the winners in my next post*****

3 croaks:

Pom says:
at: September 30, 2009 at 6:45 AM said...

Hi Rach! Hope you've recovered from the flu and are feeling better now. Just want to let you know that I went to enable the kit at DST too!


Lisa says:
at: September 30, 2009 at 5:48 PM said...

Hi Rachelle,
It's a super gorgeous journal mats! I blogged it in my site. Hope I can be the lucky one.


Pom says:
at: October 3, 2009 at 8:50 PM said...

Hi Rach! Thank you so much for telling us that RAK is closed! LOL!!! You don't know how relieved I am to see the short sentence and therefore know that you're okay. Please update on the flood/typhoon conditions too. Love ya.