Hi everyone! It's now the first day of August and I'll be your party host for the entire month. :-)

Registration for the party ended just a couple of minutes ago. There are 68 guests in total and I posted the final list at the lower bar of this blog (see bottom part). There are two columns there, one for guests with blogs and the other one for those who RSVP'd via email. Kindly check our names on the list below and remember your number.

Everyone who signed up for the party will receive the doodly goodies I prepared for this month. All these goodies will be put up for sale in my shops afterward. Some of them will also be sold at limited quantities.

Before we get the party started, here are a couple of  "house rules" that you should take note of :

1. Every week, I will post games, each good for a maximum of three days. Guests are not required to join in all the weekly games, so you can choose which game you want to join. However, only those who respond to a certain game will get the chance to win the corresponding prize for that game. The prizes for these games are not included in the goodie bags that will be given away to all guests at the end of the party :-) Don't worry, you don't have to be Einstein to ace the games! They are fairly easy *wink*

2.  There will be games where I will ask guest bloggers to post their answers in their blogs and then leave the permalink in my post here via Mister Linky. You need to post in Mister Linky the specific link to your individual blog entry, NOT your blog address.
For example: The game asks for you to answer a question, say, what is the color of apple. You make a post in your blog answering the question, then you come back here and post in Mister Linky the url or blog addres of your blog entry which will look something like this: http://doodelle.blogspot.com/2009/07/free-sweetly-qps-doodly-party-update-no.html See how long it is? Don't post http://www.doodelle.blogspot.com as that is just your blog addie. The reason for this is because I don't want to scroll all the way down through your blogs looking for your entry :-)
 3. For email guests participating in the games, please take note of what I ask you to write in the subject line for each game. This way, I won't confuse your answers with the previous week's games.

4. Bloggers, please 'wear' the doodly party guest flair (which you can grab HERE) and post it somewhere on on your blog sidebar and link it back here. Don't worry, you can take it down after the party. :-)

5. ALWAYS follow instructions, but at the same time, don't be afraid to make mistakes. If my instructions seem a bit muddled (English is after all just my second language) then don't hesitate to ask, either via comments in the post or email (doodelle at gmail dot com).

Also, please don't rely on blog feeds to get updates on the games. I know for a fact that sometimes, the feeds get delivered in the emails late, and I don't want any of the guests to miss out on games that they would have wanted to join. So it would be best if you drop by here everyday, just to be sure. 

And oh, here's the third letter for the "Guess What Word Am I?" game: (Oops, forgot to attach the image earlier)

Oops, I almost forgot the most important rule: HAVE FUN! This is a party after all :-)

I will post the first game here tomorrow. So for now, look around, check out the blogs of the other doodly party guest bloggers or you can read through my archives (*hint*).

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at: August 1, 2009 at 11:18 PM said...

Good morning Angel! Came here first thing to check on the party! This is going to be so much fun!!!

Happy Birthday month sweetie!

Love you,

Tita Anne