Follow your Dreams

I had the pleasure of working with Joyce Paul of Shabby Pickle Designs on this adorable kit:

Joyce's designs are amazingly soft and stylish (she creates really gorgeous papers). I really had fun working on this kit as it was my first time to draw fairies, and a boy fairy too! I poured a lot of my imagination and effort in this one, to the point that even if it won't sell a dime, it won't matter much to me (although of course, it wouldn't hurt if you buy it hehe).

Being a newbie in this biz, I'm just glad I had this opportunity to work with an established designer - and get my name in Shabby Pickles (even if it's just for one kit)! Now, that ain't too shabby is it?

If you buy the kit, you also get this CU/PU/S4O/S4H pack:

This pack will only be exclusively sold along with the kit. It won't be sold separately. There are 12 layered, greyscale .psd templates in this pack, along with 12 .png linearts (outline only) plus a bonus silhouette fairy. The pack contains some of the drawings I made for this kit, samples of which you can see below:

Follow Your Dreams is available HERE at STS if you wish to buy it (please, please!)

Here are inspirations from Joyce's CT:

Fa Maura of STS also made a super cute layout and a free QP which you can pick up from the STS blog HERE:

If you buy the kit, and upload your scraps with it on my STS gallery (link at the sidebar), I might choose you for a generous RAK *wink*.

Also, Joyce Paul is inviting you to visit her new blog HERE where she currently has a beautiful freebie. Don't forget to sign up for her newsletter to receive exclusive coupon codes and freebies.


Doodly Party Updates

Had I known I was going to be swamped with so much stuff in August, I would have just made my blog party simpler and a lot shorter. But despite moi having been not much of a party host here, I hope you had fun with the blog games?

Digital design wise, I forgot about some commitments that I have already made a while ago for the month of August, so I crammed and churned out 3 kits last month. Yes, like 3 FULL kits. All containing stuff I drew from scratch. Most nights I stayed up as late as 2 am trying to finish them, with the help of caffeine. I think I burned up half of the world's supply of midnight oil last month.

On the personal life, relatives paid us a surprise visit and with the kids running around and leaving a storm signal #3 on their wake, I had little time for anything else. But now with my nephews gone, the house is eerily silent. This is the part I hate the most about vising relatives- having to get used to the silence when they leave. I miss the kids so much! I need to start making my own (hehe).

Then my work life decided to join in the fray- I got promoted and with it comes more assignments, new beats, more hours. Ugh. But when I see my new payslip, I remind myself each time to thank the Lord, and zip it and stop complaining. :-)

So you see, August was really a whirlwind for me. This is the part where I apologize to the DP guests, for having promised one heck of a blog party but coming up short. I lined up 6 blog games for you but time was unexpectedly not on my side last month. If only there were more hours in a day!

So the party will be extended till September, this month. I'm still working on your digi goodies because I'm adding the drawings I made for the three kits I finished last month (to make up for everything!).

To make it more exciting, I decided to break down the goodie bag into two stashes. Each guest will have to choose just one stash which she will get for free. Each stash contains commercial use templates and lineart .png's which I will put up in the shop starting this month. Some will be sold in limited editions.

So while I finish wrapping up the goodie bags, please choose one of the two below:


Once you've chosen, send me an email at doodlyparty09 at gmail dot com, indicate your choice, then your number according to the Guest Party List (posted on my sidebar). By next weekend, I'll start sending the links to your chosen goodie bag.

So choose very carefully! You have roughly about a week to decide. :-)

Now, one more game remains unfinished, the Guess What Word Am I. I have given out 5 letters already (for those who are keeping track, please let me know if I'm wrong). Here are the remaining letters:
Once you've guessed the word, make a post in your blog and indicate there the entire word, then come back here and click on Mister Linky below to add your permalink (linking to that specific post, and not your blog addie). Deadline is on next Sunday.

PS- In your blog post, you must also link to my blog here :-)

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