It's Friday and what better way to end this week than to let loose a couple of cute monsters! Sassy Indy Designs, a fellow Filipina and one heck of a creative lady, just made her debut kit at Bouquet of Pixels. It's really great to see another Filipina making her mark in the creative industry.

Her debut kit is Monsters!Monsters! and it is full of all these cute monsters that Indy drew herself (she's an Architecture graduate). It was a pleasure unzipping her kit and seeing all these cute monsters! Here are 2 layouts I made of it:

This my nephew CJ who was obviously having a bad day when this pic was taken. He's really a sweet, nice boy. You just need to humor him, 'tis all.

 On the other hand, this ball of sunshine named Toto is another nephew of mine. He is the most adorable, irrepressible and  playful boy you'll ever meet in your life. No kidding!

Toto was born with a dark patch of a birthmark on his cheek and the family has always made him feel normal about it. Like, we openly discuss his birthmark to him (he has wondered why none of his playmates and classmates have it) and not avoid it like it's something to be ashamed of. He likes it when I touch his birthmark and I tell him he's extra special because of it.

 I remember last Christmas vacation, I was sleeping in my Aunt's room and Toto crept in and jumped onto the bed screaming "Tita Racheeeeeeeeelle!" (Tita means Aunt) and I nearly jumped out of my skin. I glared at him. Seeing that I was about to reprimand him, he immediately cuddled up to my side and the "GO AWAY TOTO" that I was about to say died on my throat. I can never be angry with this little guy.

I miss him so much. He, and the rest of my relatives on my Mom's side live in a town about five hours away from here. Sniff, sniff.

Ooops, almost forgot! Here's a preview of my quickpages for Indy's Monster!Monster kit:

Be sure to visit Sassy Indy's blog as she's got some cool freebies lined there!


Today is Thursday and the eight-day release period for CU Summer Element Template pack hits a stop today. I do have its PU/S4O/S4H version up in the stores:

Available at Scrap-Team and SOTB

For only &1.99 you get a pack of high-quality elements that will spice up your summer layouts.

I have more high quality, doodly templates coming up soon! So if you don't want to miss out on them, just either follow or subscribe to this little blog o' mine.

And thou shalt not forget- it's almost the 20th! I'm almost bursting out of my seams from keeping everything so hush-hush. But my lips are sealed, or whatever is its version in cyberland...

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