Just popping in here today to post about a designer who is in dire need of help. Cyndi of Wetfish Designs posted an SOS over at DST asking designers to help out Royanna Fritschmann, designer and co-owner of Divine Digital.

Cyndi, qouting Royanna's post at the Divine Digital forum, said that Royanna lost their home and are being forced to move again- this being the 6th time that the family had to move since Royanna's husband had an accident. Seems that Royanna is moving their things into a storage unit and her familiy will be living out of their car while alternating between going from one friend's house to the next and a homeless shelter or motel.

So if you want to help Royanna, head on over to this link where you can buy not only Royanna's entire store for only $25, but Cyndi's entire store as well. For the price of $25, you get 2 stores- all PU and CU items included. Amazing, right?

I have a not-so-new pack up at Scrap-Team Shop:

 It's a pack of custom shapes for Photoshop, with corresponding .png files for those who have no Photoshop or don't know how to use custom shapes. Custom shapes are really cool- they can be resized endlessly without losing quality, resolution and its smooth edges because they're vector-based.

This pack was initially made for a collab at Scrap Team Shop last year, I think, and since then I totally forgot about it. So in case you're thinking of buying this pack, please check your stash first (if you bought products from Scrap Team Shop before) to check if you got this one already.

Sadly, no freebies today. Been so caught up with work stuff. But please do be sure to come back here on the 20th, or you'll miss something REALLY fun! August is a special month for me and I wish to share it with all of you and you'll read the details on the 20th. So sign up to my blog, either be a follower or a subscriber!

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Simply Sarah says:
at: July 14, 2009 at 11:57 PM said...

Ah.... you are such a sweetie for posting Cyndi's SOS. It is a sad thing for Royanna and shows that we are all real people.

Can't wait till the 20th.... love the excitement you are building up!