Hi ladies, I'm back! Maraming salamat to all who sent positive thoughts and prayers for my father's corneal transplant. It has helped much to bolster my faith that he will be healed. The transplant took 3 hours and let me just say, those 3 hours have been, so far, the most torturous wait for me and my Mom, too. I think I ate 2 packets of junk food (Nova) - which I normally avoid - plus one box of Oreos - which I try hard to avoid. Just proves that I firmly belong to the "emotional eater" category!

It's late and I have to go back to being my father's nurse in a sec (his post-op eye meds are round the clock, we're talking every hour till midnight here). So this is just going to be a quick post to tell you guys thank you, and that my father is fine and is now recovering.

Also, THANK  YOU to all who responded to my call for creative peeps! Wow, I just realized that I have really talented people following my blog. What an honor, ladies! I'm truly blessed, truly, truly blessed...

This post is also to officially announce that the call has ended and I will be announcing the "results" tomorrow. There has been a surprise twist to this call, actually, an unexpected surprise for me. It will all be revealed tomorrow!

By the way, please know that I got your emails, and I haven;t been able to respond to all of you yet but I will personally type out responses tomorrow. In between nursing a difficult, complaining "patient" of a father and running around to buy his meds and cleaning up the house, I've only had time to read your emails on my mobile phone. It is only now, at 11:00 pm, that I had the time to sit down in front of my laptop.

Ok, gotta shift back to nurse mode again. See you ladies tomorrow!!!

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