Thank you so much ladies to all the heartwarming comments you left despite the fact that the earlier blog template I used, for some reason, didn't let you post comments. You'll have to forgive me, I am so html-ignorant. From now on, I'm sticking to the templates from blogspot.

Anyway, to those who read the looooong post, thank you for your patience. I was sort of letting off steam when I wrote it so I got carried away. When you're just feeling too much, the words just seem to burst out. I'll try from now on to keep my posts short and sweet.

By the way, those who were following and/or subscribing to my old blog, you can "unfollow" and unscrubscibe that one it as I won't be posting there anymore. Now, if you still feel that you wish to keep track of the stuff I write, make, give away and sell *cough* *cough*, then please feel free to follow or subscribe to this spanking new Doodelle blog. :-D

I'm on my lunch break right now. The press conference I attended this morning served hamburgers for the reporters. I just saved mine for lunch, saving me around 30 pesos for food. One good thing about press conferences- free food! hehe...

That's my lunch box below the burger and inside are some fish bits that I brought today to give to Pia, our office cat. She just loves fried fish.

Again, thank you to:

Tammy and Shelby (at 28? So sorry to hear that!),
Susie2shoes (Thanks for the hugs!)
trifaith (thank you for the prayers and I love your Bible Study posts!),
Wendy (thank you for the BIG hug)
Kathy May (i'm glad to be back here too!)
Sugar Skull (thank you so much for paying it forward!)
Miss Edna (Miss you!)
Janette (blowing kisses your way and check your email :-D )
Tita Anne (where are you???)

2 croaks:

Tammy and Shelby says:
at: February 24, 2009 at 10:34 PM said...

I am glad comments are back! I was hoping you would get the one I left on the old blog.

We are followers now! Yippee!

Seriously, your long posts don;t bother me in the least - in fact I enjoy reading and "hearing" about what is going in your life...I find it very interesting....

Thank you for being you!

Tammy and Shelby

Ps. Yep - 28, sucked but I do have 3 wonderful children.....

Patricia @ Bloom Where You're Planted says:
at: February 24, 2009 at 11:09 PM said...

Hi R

I'm one of the ones that got locked out from the comments :) Haha. I just figured maybe you didn't want comments!

But great to see you're back. All the best with your health.