So how's everyone after the iDSD fever? Still reeling from it? Or suffering from iDSD withdrawals?

I was more reserved with my purchases this time around compared to my last year's grandiose spending. I mostly purchased designer tools - a texture pack, a preview maker and an element pack. I'm happy to say I'm pretty satisfied with all three purchases!

I'd like to take a moment to say thank you to those who downloaded my MScraps iDSD Blogtrain freebie and participated in my Oodles of Coupons giveaways! Most especially to the ladies who took the time to leave a comment in my previous post. I love reading the positive feedback from you guys. I'm sorry for that small snag caused by the suspended link though. But I promise no more technical glitches from now on! Thanks to Sendpsace :-)

I have another new release coming up this Friday and it's a fabulous one! It's a little different from my usual cutesy style. I like to play around and experiment. Hopefully you'll love my new kit as much as I loved making it :-)

Also, here's a peek at what Studio Doodelle customers at my SBG store will get for free for November:

This freebie is exclusively for Studio Doodelle customers who purchase from my store at SBG for the whole month of November.

So if you've purchased from my SBG store and you haven't received this special freebie yet, then please forward your receipt to doodelle at gmail dot com.

And I'd like to specially mention Miss Renee who left a "letter" in her comment- thank you! I am very humbled by your generous praise. I wish I can say more about the Studio gig but for now my lips are sealed :-). Warm welcome to my new follower Ava and a big thank you to fellow MScraps designer Ruth of Ruth Melody Designs for leaving me some love here.

Thanks again and hope everyone's bouncing back now from the iDSD hangover! :-)

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