I found some free time at work today and fiddled with my blog (again). This is how Doodelle will look like for the rest of October. I like changing my blog's appearance (constantly) because I'm so fickle-minded! I quickly get bored with just one "look". I often find myself rushing to work because I spend ages deciding on what to wear. On these times, I'll just decide at the snap of a finger to buy some new clothes after work so I can mix and match my get-up and not have to agonize over what to wear for weeks.

It's a bad habit, I know. But being a single girl, I can justify my spending habits spurred on by my fickle-mindedness on the fact that I work for myself, with no other mouths to feed but mine.

And since this is my blog, I can tweak it to my heart's content (hehe). 

The positive thing about having a closet full of clothes is that I was able to donate heaps of clothings and items to victims of the recent floodings in Manila. That one I didn't have to agonize over as I quickly filled my "donor bag" with jackets, beddings, blankets, coats, Tshirts and shoes. Afterwards, I whispered a short prayer that these items which I took for granted will reach the people who need them the most.


Congratulations to Chris for winning my "I Dream of Fall" RAK! It wasn't hard choosing the winner, as she was the only one who signed up for it! :-) Thanks, Chris! Send me an email to claim your prize :-)

For those of you who are still looking for kits to scrap your cozy autumn photos, then check out my I Dream of Fall kit. It's filled with original doodles and drawings plus the color scheme is just totally fall-ish.

I'll do another RAK in my next post, this time it's a doodle pack for commercial use. I'll be giving a freebie from that set, too, so stay tuned.


I'm neck-deep now in wedding preparations. As I wade my way through all these wedding stuff, I can't believe how much work it takes to hold an event that will last for only a few hours. And the amount of money you spend on it! At this stage, I have no idea yet of the big picture when it comes to the finances, but I'm pretty sure the figures are gonna be mind-boggling.

And oh, this is not my wedding, but my best friend's. The bells aren't ringing for me, nor will they be in the near future :-) Or maybe they will. Who knows! :-)

I'll be the maid of honor, and from the start, my best friend and I have been dead set on making almost everything DIY. I just want this wedding to be really, really special because I just want her to be really, really happy.

I already finished designing her invites and souvenir tags and table numbers and escort cards. We'll also be doing the pre-nup pictures ourselves with the help of Photoshop photo actions courtesy of Totally Rad Actions and my recent discovery - My Four Hens. I'll talk more about that in my succeeding posts.

For now, I leave you with these two cuties from my work building: (They don't have names yet! Any suggestions?)

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