There's way too much stuff going on in my corner of the digi-world, so prepare for a long post (again). I'll try to be as brief as possible so here goes:

Villa Elena

My kit for SOTB's third round of summer challenge is now up at the shop HERE. Designed in the memory of my late grandmother who, despite the many storms in her life, raised very generous, loving sons and daughters whose faith and trust in God remains unshakeable.

Wonderful inspirations from talented scrappers:

Creative design by Tammy Wood (above) and her free QP:

you can download HERE.

Next is an adorable layout from Karla:

and her free QP

which you can get from her blog HERE.

This oh so cute one is by Daniela:

and her free QP

is yours for free on her blog HERE.

Please don't forget to say thank you, muchas gracias, merci, salamat after downloading the free QPs from these highly creative ladies' blogs. Their work deserves a huge thank you. :-) I have one more layout and free QP from another talented scrapper in my next post, so watch out for it.


STS Exclusive Kit

Scrap-Team Shop
is offering a big promotion right now - if you spend $5 or more at the shop on a one-time purchase, you get for free an exclusive kit worth $15! Wonderful right? Head on over to the shop HERE for more info.


A very nice freebie from a talented newbie

Doodly party guest #64 Pom (Haruthai) just opened a blog and for her first post, she's giving away sets of 2010 calendar stamps that you must not miss! Seriously, go check it out on her blog HERE. Please don't forget to leave a word of thanks after you download her freebie.

Updates on limited editions

Just a quick update on my Limited Edition Doodly Templates: the CU Houses Bundled Pack 1 & 2 is now sold out!

This is my first LE CU pack that sold out, so I guess it's safe to conclude that designers are in need of houses (I don't mean that literally hehe). The individual packs are still available on the shop so if you were not able to buy the bundled pack, you're still in the running to get your own copy. Check them out HERE. Hurry, though, as each pack is available for only 10 purchases.

My other packs that are fast runningout are CU Butterflies Packs 1 and 2 with each now only has 4 purchases available. You can check out the entire LE packs HERE. (There's only a few there right now, but more doodlicious stuff will be added in the next few weeks).


What Word Am I clues

Here are the next set of letters for the WWAI game for you to pick up:

If you don't know what this is, you can read about it HERE. These 2 letters bring to 5 the number of letter clues that have been given out to date. If you failed to pick up the first 3 letters, just click on the party update label at the bottom of this blog to look through the past posts bearing the letter clues. Remember, the letters are being handed out randomly, it's up to you to arrange them into the correct word once I give the go-signal.


Game #3: Guess the Song Title (insert echo here here here...)

Now, here's what some of you have been waiting for hehe. For this round, you need to guess the title of this song:

Very special thank you to the amazingly talented, adorable (and other adjectives I dare not mention) Chris whom I begged to make this video for me for this round.

This is the intro to a song that was highly popular in the 70s :-) Now, if you were still not alive during that era, here are some clues: It's a funk rock song originally recorded by a 70s band. But I can't give you their name coz that would be a dead giveaway. There is, however, a fruit in their name :-) Adam Lambert did a cover of this song on American Idol. :-)

You have only 3 days to join this game. Submit your answers via email at doodlyparty09 at gmail dot com and place on the subject title either Game #3 or Guess the Song. Only answers submitted via email will be accepted. Don't croak your answers on the comments section ok?

The names of those who guessed it right will be raffled off for a chance to win this:

It's 2 sets of vector-drawn CU Brushes Packs of days and months plus calendar doodles/marks. It's an .abr set for Photoshop plus .png formats for non-PS users. The winner for this round will get the 2 packs seen above. Non-winning participants, as usual, will not go home empty-handed.

Let the guessing begin!

5 croaks:

Tammy and Shelby says:
at: August 18, 2009 at 11:05 PM said...

Sent my email in....I NEED THOSE DOODLES !!! FOR MY NEW PROJECT....!!!!


at: August 18, 2009 at 11:47 PM said...

Loves this song! Makes you want to move and groove. It's groovy baby!
Emailed mine.

Lauren says:
at: August 19, 2009 at 7:47 AM said...

Woohoo i sent my answer in!

Thanks for the chance to win
Rustic Charm Creations

Brittany says:
at: August 19, 2009 at 7:51 AM said...

I love the new kit, it's beautiful! I featured it on my blog as part of my "Totally Inspired by..." series.

at: August 21, 2009 at 10:15 AM said...

Finally sent my email. Tell Chris his playing was great it's just that my memory stinks.

Great game Angel!

Tita Anne