Thank you to the 12 guests who joined DP Game #1. It was fun reading your answers! Me and my friends had a hard time choosing, but as games go, there can only be one winner. And for round 1, the chosen winner is...

... Tracie! Congratulations! As this round's winner, you get the entire CU Cupcake Shop Template Pack #1. Send me an email (doodlyparty09 at gmail dot com) so I can send you the secure link to download the pack. (I looked around your blog but couldn't find your addie).

And the second winner, chosen randomly, is...

...Sunesgrl (Mardesia)! You also get the same pack as Tracie's. Congratulations! I'll be sending you a secure d/l link via the email addie you posted on your blog's sidebar. Let me know right away if you get it!

But nobody goes home empty-handed for round # 1. So the non-winning participants will also go home with the CU Colored Cupcakes pack (see below for preview)! I'll be sending out the link later tonight, so for the participants who are bloggers, please send me an email at doodlyparty09 at gmail dot com so I can send you the links for the pack.

ATTENTION: Marleen, Jody and Lainey- Please send me an email asap - doodlyparty09 at gmail dot com. I have already sent out the links to this round's participating guests. I couldn't find your email addie on your blogs, so drop me an email right away! To the other participants, check your email!

I'm uploading the 2 packs at Scrap-Team Shop now under the Limited Edition Category. CU Cupcake Shop Template Pack #1 is available in the shop for only 6 purchases. It's CU/PU/S4H/S4O/Web/Blog/Photographer's license ok for digiscrap designers and handmade crafters. More info on the usage license is available on the product page. Click HERE to be taken to the shop.

The CU Colored Cupcakes Pack is also available now at STS, also limited to 6 purchases only with the same usage license as CU Cupcake Shop Templates Pack #1. Click HERE to be taken to the shop (By the way, this is what the non-winning participants to DP Game #1 will be getting :-)

DP Game #2 will be revealed tomorrow, so watch out for it. Second round is a wee bit more difficult than round # 1, you'll see :-)

In the meantime, I would, err, recommend that you sharpen your rhyming skills in prep for the second round! :-D

2 croaks:

SunEsGrl says:
at: August 7, 2009 at 2:02 AM said...

Thank you so much for the goodies Rachness. And thanks for the month long party!

Simply Sarah says:
at: August 8, 2009 at 6:57 AM said...

Oh man.... I totally forgot to do my post! I hate errands and fixing up stuff around the house! but totally loving the closet doors (finally) and the roman blinds in the dining room so I guess that makes up me missing out. Cant wait to see Game 2!