Yesterday, I saw relatives on my Dad's side of the family whom I haven't seen for a long time (like the last time I saw them I still was walking around in diapers). My Dad's two brothers from Chicago and California came for a visit together with their wives and my cousin for around two days.

I had to act as a sort of "tour guide" for them and I think I did a really bad job of it. My other cousin Noli would have made a better guide as he knows places here better than I do even though he lives in California now. I don't really go around a lot as I pretty much stick to my usual haunts - translation: office-home-office-home. Yes, I know, I'm boring. Why else do you think I'm so eager to migrate abroad? I need to break out of this sluggish life, the kind that percolates in small towns disguised as cities.

I wonder, though, if you take the girl out of the small city, can you also take the small city out of a girl? If I do transplant myself in greener (and colder) pastures where everything is bigger and brighter, what's the guarantee that I won't just ebb back into the sluggish routine that I ran away from in the first place? So it might not be the place, but the person. It might not be this city that I'm in, but me. I'm making where I am confining for me.

But c'mon, what else can a girl do here for fun? Short of getting drunk in local watering holes favored by white men with local girls draped on their arms, but intoxication isn't on my list of what's fun to do. You see, I don't drink. Nor smoke. I don't curse either.Some people would say that I don't know how to have fun.

But I did have fun with my cousin Jesse yesterday at a local Mexican-themed bar called Coco Amigos. It was my first time there and since he wanted to get drinks after a day of touring around, I didn't really know where to bring him so we just randomly picked one out from the short strip of bars we have here. Or what our version of a bar is.

He ordered a mai tai (I later asked Chris for the spelling) for me while he got a Long Island iced tea. My drink looked so pretty, it looked like a Kool-Aid. I eyed it with apprehension at first, coz (a) it was 4 in the afternoon, too early (b) I don't drink alcohol so I don't know if I can handle a mai tai and (c) I don't want my Uncle giving Jesse hell for being a bad influence on me if we turned up for dinner red-faced and buzzed.

But because I don't want him to think I'm a prissy, I went ahead and drank. It was sweet at first sip, then it got sour as the alcohol taste settled in. It was nice. Especially with the ice cream Jesse ordered, the mai tai was tasting more and more like Kool-Aid as the sweetness of the ice cream overpowered the alcohol in the drink. About 30 minutes after I got home, I found myself drawing stick figures on the wall beside my bed with a highlighter pen. Yes, I could definitely, absolutely handle a mai tai. *grin*

I guess I really shouldn't be such a good girl all the time. :-)

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Hi Rach!
Just popping in to say - Come on over to my place where I have some CU Freebies to share. I like to give something back to all those who share so kindly.

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