First of all, my apologies especially to the 5 ladies who joined last week's giveaway. The 5-day training (news writing and feature writing) I attended last week was so intensive and backbreaking that it left me too drained and exhausted. I immediately fell to sleep the minute my butt touched my seat inside the plane on my way home and slept again when I came home.

It was the most intensive conference I've attended so far. Our minds and bodies were put through the wringer- waking up at 6 am to leave for the workshop and going back to the hotel as late as 9 p.m. But really, I'm not complaining because it was also the most informative and most challenging training I've attended. I would love to attend a similar activity again if given the chance.

So anyway, I'm now announcing the winner of the giveaway for Kissing Birds. It was hard choosing just one, believe me. But alas there can only be one winner for this giveaway and it is...drum rolls, please...

Jacque, congratulations! Please send me an email { doodelle at gmail dot com } so I can send you the info how you can get your prize, Kissing Birds.

Kissing Birds is available at SBG and still being sold at 20% off until Wednesday this week. This is a re-release, as it was sold back in my former store (and was quite popular too hehe). Click on the preview below to be taken to the store.

More designs on the drawing board so keep your eyes peeled for more giveaways (and freebies, too) in the following days...

Here's my photo for this week (to reflect how harried I have been this week!). A picture of my bed this morning, after an all-night studying of our new stylebook for newswriting and our daily news qouta.

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Jacque says:
at: January 17, 2011 at 12:25 AM said...

Yay!!!! I'll send you an e-mail shortly. I can't wait to play with this kit - it is sooooo cute! :)

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